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Veteran's Day is a nationally recognized holiday to honor the brave men and women who have served in the armed forces. Veteran's Day is always celebrated on November 11. On this day, we celebrate all living members of each branch of the United States Military. Some towns hold parades, have parties, and even display fireworks as a way to thank solders for all they have done for our country. One way that we can show our own gratitude is to put flags in our yards or write letters of thanks. Here in our own town we have a place where veterans live. It is called the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. It is located just off of Monroe Avenue. Veterans of our country live there when they grow older and need the help of dedicated doctors and nurses. We could write them letters to thank them or even visit them on Veteran's Day! '


This is a link to website that can be used as insructional learning tool for elementary school aged children.